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Fabric Samples

Browse at your leisure to find the right fabric to perfectly offset your decor.
Simply click on one of the thumbnails in the right hand column to see a sample from that range of curtain fabrics in the window below. Don't forget that we specialise in commercial premises in the Swansea area and have a huge range of hard wearing and fire retardant curtains.

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Advice on Choosing Curtains


Firstly decide if you want your curtains to blend in with the general colours of your room, or if you want them to make an eye catching statement. If the former is true a darker shade of your wall colour will blend in well with your current decor. It is important to have a wide range to choose from to achieve that perfect match, this is why Evans Curtains & Blinds can provide such a huge range of fabrics and colours.


It is far too easy to concentrate on the colour of your curtains and forget the importance of the fabric. Start by asking yourself a few questions: Do I want my curtains to also offer insulation? How much light do I want to keep out? (consider here the weight of fabric and lined or unlined). Do I mind having to dry-clean my curtains? How will this fabric hang? A heavier fabric will help to hang without creases but too heavy and it may not fold properly when drawn.
If you have a commercial premises you need to consider fire retardant curtains. Evans Curtains & Blinds are specialists in providing such materials and can advise on what is best for your business, village hall etc.


Buying curtains "off the shelf" will greatly limit your personal choices on length. If for instance you wish to give your room more impression of height hang your curtains at least 15cm above the window. In a larger, more formal room you may want to have the curtains 'pooling' a little on the floor. These are all personal choices but to get exactly the length of curtain you need it is best to have your curtains custom made by an expert like Evans Curtains & Blinds. That little extra outlay will prove well worth it over the coming years!

Curtain Fabrics

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